Click for transcript of video: English - Español

Click for transcript of video: English - Español

E-therapy may help ease insomnia

People with insomnia who receive a digitized version of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as part of their treatment may find more symptom relief than those who only receive tips to improve their sleep routines, a recent experiment suggests.

Clinical Challenges: Delivering CBT to the Sleepless

Few people escape the occasional restless night of tossing and turning, followed by the inevitable crushing fatigue the following day. But for the as many as one in 10 adults who suffer from chronic insomnia, the experience is all too common.

Massaging Certain Spots on Your Leg Will Aid Your Sleep

I sleep so much better now that I do this simple exercise each night! Acupuncture, a form of traditional Chinese medicine, has long been acknowledged for the health benefits it offers, but acupressure, which is less well-known, can offer similar benefits without the need to puncture the skin with needles.

Antidepressant Use for Insomnia: Is It Effective?

Despite the widespread use of antidepressants for treating insomnia, the evidence for their effectiveness remains limited, according to a new review published in the Cochrane Library.