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Amid record STD rates, doctors treat patients' partners sight unseen

If patients return to Dr. Crystal Bowe soon after taking medication for a sexually transmitted infection, she usually knows the reason: Their partners have re-infected them.

California’s Deadly STD Epidemic Sets Record

Diagnoses of sexually transmitted diseases hit a record high in California last year — with sometimes deadly consequences, according to preliminary state data released this week.

CDC: Increase in Rate of STDs for Fourth Consecutive Year in US

Nearly 2.3 million cases of chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis were diagnosed in the United States in 2017, marking a fourth consecutive year of sharp increases in these sexually transmitted diseases (STDs)

Rising STD Rates in U.S. Signal 'Public Health Crisis'

Sexually transmitted disease (STD) diagnoses have increased every year since 2013, with the number of new STD diagnoses the highest ever in 2017, CDC researchers found.